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Welcome to the Adams Group

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With over 100 years of expertise, the Adams Group family of companies provides global solutions for our partners in the food industry.


We’re a leading supplier of bulk specialty vegetable oils to food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Our Organic, non-GMO Lecithin is a perfect solution for baking, confectionery, and food manufacturing needs.


We produce 100% pure Avocado oil available directly to consumers for all culinary needs.

We are proud that our products are ingredients in millions of consumer goods that are enjoyed across the globe; tortillas, chips, popcorn, energy bars, bread, cereal, salad dressing, soups, and infant nutrition just to name a few.

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We’ve been sourcing, processing, and distributing grains for farmers and food merchandising partners for over 100 years. 

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We’re a full-service supplier of high-quality planting seed for a large variety of products – wheat, barley, oat, safflower, rice, and more.

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We use sophisticated computerized dispatching, radio, and GPS systems to provide logistical transportation solutions to companies across California.

Family-owned and operated for over 100 years, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the high-quality products and services we offer. 

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Oatmeal with Berries
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Marianne's Avocado Oil bottling line
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