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Corporate Profile

Leveraging experience that dates back to the 1920’s, Adams Group Inc has built and grown its business around two key cornerstones: innovation and service. Starting out as an exporter of malt barley grown by the famers of California’s Sacramento Valley, the company has expanded operations both horizontally and vertically and today drives business in the areas of agricultural and food processing – servicing customers throughout the world.

Fueled by progressive thought and recognizing the value of innovation, Adams Group companies swiftly adapt operations and practices to meet the market’s ever changing demands. Specialty areas include identity preservation, tractability and logistics - each of which is accompanies by customer service and exceptional products.

As a family –owned company built upon strong customer ties, the Adams Group team prides itself on delivering specialized products and personalized service with every customer exchange.

Adams Grain

Adams Grain Company is the original Company founded in the 1920’s by David Adams Sr., trading mainly malting barley grown in the Sacramento Valley, California, to the exporters in the San Francisco Bay region.

Adams Grain Company is the largest privately owned grain company headquartered in California. Adams Grain Company is located in Arbuckle, North West of Sacramento.

Adams Vegetable Oils

Founded in 1991 to supply the European and domestic markets with high quality safflower oil, AVO Inc. has evolved into a leading processor and marketer of specialty vegetable oils worldwide. Conventional and organic oils are sold both in export and domestic markets to a diverse client base with applications in edible, pharmaceutical, industrial and cosmetic products.

Certified organic by the Quality Assurance International (QAI) and the Japanese Agricultural Standards.

(JAS/MAFF) programs, Adams Vegetable Oils Inc. specializes in identity preservation (IP) production.

AVO sources oilseeds from South America, North America, China, Europe, Africa and Australia. Adams Vegetable Oils Inc has sales offices in the USA, Europe, China and Australia.

Adams Trucking

Established in the early 1960’s, Adams Trucking Inc. through quality customer service and commitment to innovation has grown into a comprehensive and vertically integrated logistics and supply chain solutions company.

Commencing operations as a single service grain haulage firm, Adams Trucking has diversified into a multifaceted operation servicing a variety of agricultural commodities from grains and oilseeds to high grade bulk vegetable oils. Adams Trucking is committed to providing logistics solutions to a number of key industries including the food manufacturing sector and farm based growers.

A sophisticated, versatile and technologically advanced fleet combined with a professional and highly motivated staff allows Adams Trucking to provide a dependable service and superior supply chain management to its customers.

Adams Seed

Adams Seed processes and sells Wheat, Barley, Oat, Safflower and Rice planting seed throughout California’s Sacramento Valley. Distribution of processed seeds also extends into the San Joaquin Valley of California and other states within the USA. Processed planting seed is sold wholesale through a dealer network or retailed directly to the farmer. As well as processed seed, Adams Seed Company distributes Corn, Milo, Sunflower, Soybean and Cottonseed to other major seed companies.

Adams Australia

Adams Australia Pty Ltd commenced trading in 2001 as part of the Adams Group strategic Global supply chain – a network focused on the production and procurement of organic and specialty oilseeds, vegetable oils and protein meals.

Since 2001 Adams Australia has been a major player in the Australian Oilseeds industry as both an exporter and importer as well as supplying the domestic market with local product.

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